What Is Private Health Insurance?

Private Medical Insurance (PMI) is an option for individuals in the UK who wish to have a better experience of the healthcare system. While it doesn't cover emergency cases, a good PMI policy can ensure you are able to see a specialist and access the best diagnostic equipment with minimal delay should you be concerned about a condition. Should you need treatment such as surgery this can often be performed at private hospitals, but if the operation is undertaken by a private doctor in NHS facilities you can enjoy a high standard of recovery and respite care with your own room in a private hospital after your treatment, to minimse the risk of post operative infections.

In the UK all citizens are offered free healthcare at the point of delivery through the National Health Service (NHS). While the NHS is widely regarded as one of the best social medical systems in the world, many find the waiting times for operations and diagnois to be intolerable. There are also fears of hospital based infections such as MRSA and other superbugs - or in the worst case scenarios, being stuck in a hospital ward without a bed or left on a trolley.

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