Would regular exercise or gym memberships offer me cheaper health insurance?

Medical cover + Exercise

If you’re fit and healthy it’s less likely that you’ll have to make a claim on your medical insurance. So, it follows that private medical insurance providers are less likely to have to pay out on your policy.

This means that some insurers will offer cheaper health insurance to people who make an effort to take exercise and to lead a healthy lifestyle, and some will even subsidize your gym membership. So, when you complete our online form we’ll connect you to an independent, FSA registered broker who specialises in private medical insurance. They can compare PMI policies and prices to find the right policy for you – including ‘gym’ or ‘healthy lifestyle’ discounts where appropriate.

Even if the fact that you take regular exercise doesn’t result in lower healthcare premiums, you may see other benefits. For example, your healthcare insurance provider may offer discounts on gym membership to encourage you to adopt a more active lifestyle. Or, your insurer may offer a special ‘healthy living’ programme that runs alongside your healthcare insurance. These schemes offer a range of benefits which you can build up by taking exercise and living healthily.

Of course, if you don’t smoke and your general level of fitness is good you are likely to benefit from lower healthcare premiums.

Briggs & Butler can help you find the right private medical insurance at the right price. Simply complete our online form today and one of our independent PMI specialists will contact you to discuss your options.

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