Will my medical insurance cover me abroad on holiday or business?

Using Health Insurance Overseas

This depends on the level of cover under your private medical insurance policy. Some comprehensive health insurance policies will provide limited cover if you are overseas but this may be restricted to emergency treatment only.

If you are planning to travel overseas on a regular basis or you will be spending extended periods abroad you may want to consider an international health insurance plan. While your travel insurance may again provide limited emergency medical cover, an international PMI policy may give you the peace of mind that any medical treatment will be covered – wherever in the world you are.

Many countries around the world don’t offer universal healthcare like the NHS. So, depending on where you’re travelling to, ensuring that you have adequate private medical insurance may be crucial in ensuring you receive quick and comprehensive treatment.

There is a wide choice of PMI policies that will provide cover for you if you are a regular overseas traveller. At Briggs & Butler, we can help you find the right health insurance for you. Simply complete our online form and we’ll connect you with one of our FSA regulated, impartial brokers. They will compare PMI policies to find the right level of cover for you at the right price. Fill in the form now to speak to an expert.

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