Will health insurance cover me for routine dental treatments?

Dentistry + Medical Insurance

Private medical insurance does not generally cover you for dental treatment although there are lots of dental insurance options available.

The Association of British Insurers’ health insurance buying advice includes ‘dental services’ in their list of treatments that are not ordinarily covered by a PMI policy alongside organ transplants, pregnancy and childbirth, accident and emergency treatment and gender reassignment.

You may find that some comprehensive private medical insurance policies will include some element of dental cover. If this is one of your main requirements, Briggs & Butler can help you find a PMI policy that covers this. When you complete our online quote form, one of our FSA regulated, independent brokers will contact you. They will find out exactly what you need from a healthcare insurance policy and can compare process and cover to find the right deal for you – including dental treatment if you need it.

Alternatively, there are a range of policies designed specifically to cover dental treatment. For example, health cash plans are designed to contribute towards routine healthcare costs. They work by paying out a cash sum whenever you (or whoever is insured under the plan) visit a medical practitioner such as a dentist, chiropodist or optician.

If you want advice on the right healthcare insurance, complete our online form today. We’ll then connect you with a leading FSA registered broker. They will compare healthcare insurance to find you the right cover at the right price.

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