Will health insurance cover laser eye surgery?

Laser eye surgery on PMI

Generally, health insurance (or ‘private medical insurance’) won’t cover the cost of laser eye surgery. This is because laser eye surgery is mostly done for aesthetic or cosmetic reasons and it isn’t typically carried out as a medical procedure.

Generally speaking, if you are short-sighted then you can wear glasses or contact lenses to correct your vision. Laser eye surgery is considered by PMI providers to be a ‘luxury’ rather than essential treatment.

There may be isolated cases where laser eye treatment is available on the NHS. For example, if you have macular oedema or diabetic retinopathy - medical conditions that can potentially lead to blindness- then you may be eligible for treatment on the NHS.

You should always check your private medical insurance policy to see what it covers. However, you will generally find that laser eye surgery is listed as an exclusion.

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