What's the maximum I can claim on private medical insurance?

Limits on health insurance claims

This depends on your private health insurance policy. With dozens of different healthcare policies available, the amount of cover you will benefit from will differ from insurer to insurer and from policy to policy. For example, some basic PMI policies are likely to have maximum claim limits or annual limits which restrict the amount you can claim towards your treatment. Others may offer unlimited medical cover.

The Independent suggests that you ‘check the limits that apply to each type of benefit when you're comparing policies. For example, there may be a limit on the amount the insurer will pay for a single condition or how long it will continue to cover it.’

Some insurers will limit the amount of time you can claim for treatment for certain illnesses or conditions. Many PMI providers offer full, unlimited cover for your condition while others may restrict your claim to surgery or to certain types of drugs. Some policies also put a monetary cap on the amount of outpatient treatment that you can claim in a year.

If you were to take out a PMI policy with low limits you could find that you have to foot some of the bill yourself. You may also not be able to receive the treatment that you need because your insurer won’t pay more than the policy limit. Consequently, it’s vital that you choose the right health insurance policy.

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