Until what age can children remain on a family medical insurance policy?

Keeping teenagers and students covered by health insurance

This depends on the specific policy and varies from insurer to insurer. It can often range from 17 up to age 25.

Family policies allow you to provide private health insurance for you and your dependent children. They are a great way of making sure that all your family has access to private healthcare when and where they need it.

You will often find that a private medical insurance provider will allow you to include your child on a family policy until the age of 17 or 18. However, some PMI providers will let your child remain on the policy to an older age. Many will let your child remain on your family policy until the age of 24 or 25, particularly if they are still in full time education.

Do you want to include your children on your family PMI policy? If so, you should compare family health insurance options to find a policy that allows your son or daughter to remain covered for as long as you need. Ensuring your loved ones are protected for as long as possible may be your priority. Cheaper policies may seem attractive but may not cover your children past the age of 18.

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