Is it cheaper to buy joint health insurance with my partner?

Joint Medical Cover For Husbands, Wives + Partners

A joint private health insurance (PMI) policy gives you the peace of mind that neither you nor your partner will have to wait for medical treatment on the NHS. It also gives you a choice about when and where you are treated and gives you access to the best quality drugs and care.

Lots of insurers offer joint PMI policies designed to provide cover for you and your partner/spouse. While a joint policy may require less paperwork and is easier for you to manage, it may not offer a significant discount when compared to two individual health insurance policies.

This is because an insurer will underwrite each of you individually. The cost of your premiums is typically based on your age, medical history and whether you smoke or not. While you may save a small amount for having one plan instead of two, you’ll find that the cost of two separate policies may be very similar to the price you’ll pay for a joint PMI policy.

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