How much excess should I pay on my health insurance?

Choosing an excess

If you’ve ever bought car or home insurance you will probably have agreed to a policy excess. Your policy excess is the amount of any claim that you have to pay yourself. And, private medical insurance policies are no different, with most having a choice of excess amount.

When you shop around for health insurance you should always take into account the policy excess. Most policies have a choice of excess levels which can range from £100 or £200 up to £500. Your excess could be:

  • Per policy year – meaning you pay the excess once even if you make several claims in the same policy year
  • For each claim you make – so you make pay the excess more than once if you make multiple claims in the same policy year

Here’s an example. You have a private medical insurance policy with an excess of £200 per policy year. You make a claim under your PMI policy for £1,000 worth of medical treatment. You will pay the first £200 of the claim and your insurer will pay the remaining £800.

Generally speaking, your premiums will be lower if you choose a higher policy excess. So, if you want to reduce the cost of your private medical insurance you can choose a higher excess. Bear in mind, however, that a higher excess means that you will pay more in the event of a claim. You need to ensure you have the cash available to pay this part of any claim.

When you compare UK health insurance you may also want to consider ‘high-excess plans’. These PMI policies have higher excesses. This means that you bear the cost of minor treatment but are covered against the open-ended cost of serious illness.

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