How does the 6 week wait option on health insurance work?

Wait Periods On Medical Insurance

There are lots of ways you can cut the cost of your private medical insurance (PMI). For example, you can increase your excess (the amount of any claim you have to pay). You can take out a more basic policy which restricts the cover available to you. Or, you can choose a ‘six week wait’ option on your policy.

The ‘six week wait’ option on health insurance works like this. Once your GP has referred you to a hospital or specialist, you join the local NHS waiting list. If your local NHS can treat you within six weeks, your treatment is carried out by the NHS. However, if the waiting list is longer than six weeks at the time you are referred, your private medical insurance will kick-in and you will be treated privately, straight away.

The Which? PMI buyer’s guide says: “If you are told you have to wait for more than, say, six weeks for NHS treatment after your specialist says that you need it, your insurer will pay for you to be seen more quickly privately.”

A ‘six week wait’ option makes your private medical insurance cheaper. This is because it reduces the chance of making a claim as you may be treated through the NHS. Many insurers offer this option and the ‘wait’ period can be anything between four weeks and 90 days.

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