Do I need a medical examination to buy health insurance?

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Possibly. When you apply for private medical insurance (PMI) you will be asked to complete an application form. As well as your personal details you will also be asked for information about your health as well as details of any medical conditions or treatment you have had in the past.

The health part of your declaration is important. This is because it forms part of your contract with your health insurance provider. If you don’t declare any pre-existing conditions on this form your insurer could refuse to pay a claim. So, it’s vitally important that you honestly answer all the health questions on your PMI application form.

Once the health insurance provider has received and processed your application they may be in a position to issue your policy. However, if they require more information about you they can:

  • Write to your GP to request further information about your health or your medical history
  • Request that you attend a medical examination

Whether you have to attend a medical examination before buying health insurance depends on two main factors:

  • Your personal medical history
  • The insurer who is providing the PMI policy

Some insurers rarely require you to attend a medical examination while others will insist that you attend an exam. Even if you do have to attend a medical examination it doesn’t mean that you are to be declined for healthcare insurance. A medical exam is typically for a PMI provider to assess your current state of health. They can then exclude any conditions that they aren’t prepared to cover under the policy.

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