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Cover You Can Afford

The NHS is in crisis. Waiting lists are ever expanding, departments are underfunded and chronic lack of beds means being left on a trolley in the corridor is a real worry. Outsourced cleaning contracts have lead to a rise in superbugs such as MRSA, and crowded wards make a peaceful recovery impossible.

Choosing Private Medical Insurance for yourself, your family or your company is a simple choice. The advantages are clear:

  • Jump the NHS waiting lists
  • Don't get left in limbo awaiting diagnosis.
  • Recover in your own private ensuite room with home comforts
  • Access to specialist drugs, treatments and facilities
  • Affordable cover from just £9.90 a month.
  • Get independent, impartial advice with no jargon and no obligations.

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Jump the NHS waiting lists

Whether it's waiting a week to see a GP or up to nine months for a non emergency operation, for most on the NHS the waiting times are simply too long. With comprehensive medical cover you can leapfrog the queues and get access to the care you need - be it an independent consultation or second opinion, or speedy treatment by expert doctors.

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Don't wait for diagnosis

Can you imagine the anxiety of a long wait for specialist equipment such as MRI scanners in order to diagnose your or your loved one's condition? Or if you feel you need a second opinion, but can't get your GP to agree?

Private cover not only grants you access to specialist technologies that may involve a long wait or a consultant's referral on the NHS, but it can also open up access to new, modern tests that are unavailable on the NHS.

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Instant Access to over 2,000 policies

The UK health insurance market is a complicated place. With over 2,000 policies to choose from across a multitude of providers, it is extremely difficult to get the best deal by going direct - or to be sure you are covered for everything you need.

Usay Compare's proprietary technology and expert advisors can help you make sense of this market and get the right cover for you, at the right price. That's why thousands trust Usay every month to find them cover.

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